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Aranjuez is another beautiful city in the Madrid region, which is worth a trip when visiting the Spanish capital. The second railway line of Spain leads to Aranjuez, with the mellow name ‘Strawberry Train’. The city is declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO since 2001, due to its historical places, architecture, gardens, and monuments such as the Royal Palace. The palace entails alluring highlights such as the Rococo staircase, or big statues of the three kings on the façade, which is recognized by its white and red colours.

Numerous gardens around the palace, as well as the whole city invite to a nice picnic during lunchtime, surrounded by sculptures, water, little rivers, and some more hidden and very idyllic pavillons, little palaces, or parks. The city itself is also full of monuments, like for example the train station, welcoming the Strawberry Train.

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