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In the heart of the Cuenca Mountains lies the city Cuenca, a medieval city par excellence. Located on what looks like a rock especially built for this city, the old part dominates over the area, with its hanging houses overlooking the old ruins of its Moorish castle. There is a great view on as well as off the city, which both should not be missed when in Castilla la Mancha or the neighbouring areas of Madrid and Valencia. Surrounded by mountain areas and river canyons the flair of this city is wonderful, very charming and just a must-see for holidaymakers, nature lovers, or just travellers who like a pleasant combination of history, nature and culture.

Region: Castilla la Mancha

Don Quixote, the famous literary adventurer calls this region his home in the novel ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’. Who read the book has a picture of this beautiful area in the Spanish inland in mind. There are four Archaelogical Parks with some of the oldest rock paintings ever found in Spain. For nature lovers the area has a lot to explore and discover, with tons of natural reserves and parks. The area has a rural touch and relatively little population, being the perfect location for a getaway of the surrounding areas such as Madrid, Valencia, or Murcia.

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