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Gijon North Spain destination

This is the biggest city of Asturias, where most visitors of the area go to enjoy the clean and beautiful beaches, as well as the gastronomical features of the area, as it is a place of a lot of cider production of the locally grown apples. Other than that one can visit many museums in Gijon, amongst others the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, a cultural centre with theatres and museums.  It is a very likeable city with a nice little port at the waterfront, increasing the relaxed, maritime flair.

Region: Asturias

The area is famous for a perfect combination of culture, nature and gastronomy. The landscape is beautiful, as it is part of the ‘Green Spain’, due to the oceanic climate providing the nature with enough resources to blossom. Several National Parks such as the Picos de Europa National Park prove this fact with amazing mountain ranges, or the beautiful Covadonga Lakes. The many caves to be found in this area and other important monuments like i.e. the church San Miguel de Lillo are declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and are definitely worth a visit.

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