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León - The balcony of the city view from the city hallDuring the Middle Ages, León used to be the capital of the kingdom. Within the region of Castilla y Leon there are many things to discover, be it of cultural, natural, sportive, or pilgrimage reasons. The Picos de Europe National Park or the area of Las Médulas are two frequently visited natural areas, largely enjoyed by its visitors. Many baroque buildings can be found in León, for example the City Hall, from where the whole city can be seen. This is why it is called the ‘Balcony of the City’.

Region: Castilla y Leon

This region has spectacular landscapes and scenery, which is why it attracts many nature lovers, hikers, climbers, or just people who like to enjoy and relish their holiday in beautiful surroundings with delicious traditional food. Moreover there are archaeological sites showing traces of the first European settlers. This is also a region where the famous Way of St James passes, offering the pilgrims a stunning scenery.

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