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Where to start when it comes to Lisbon? Like most of the cities of the Iberian Peninsula, Lisbon has a great amount of activities to offer, which are based on the long and rich history such cities have already endured and which they are managing well to maintain, show and share with their residents and visitors. Cultural highlights, traditional festivities, gastronomical delights, the climate,… it is all part of the authentic Portuguese life and it is best to have at least one weekend time to explore and get to know it all.

Lisbon has something to offer for everybody. Walking around the streets at day or night unfolds a real holiday feeling, as if time stands still and the world passes by.


World Heritage Sites such as the Belém Tower, beautiful parks such as the Nations Park, probably the liveliest nightlife in Bairro Alto, or just a stroll in the historic city centre – Lisbon has it all.

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