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Salamanca, also called the ‘golden city’, is a city that offers everything one could ask for. On the one hand it is a very modern, vibrant, and young city, with one of the first and oldest universities of Spain, hosting many Spanish as well as international students. It is also called the ‘city of Spanish language’, since one of the first recorded grammatical developments started here and nowadays the city is famous for their Spanish language courses, since the locals of this area speak the ‘purest’ Spanish, Castilian. The city is called ‘golden’, due to the material most buildings are made of, Villamayor stone, which reflects in golden colour during twilight.

Region: Castilla y Leon

This region has spectacular landscapes and scenery, which is why it attracts many nature lovers, hikers, climbers, or just people who like to enjoy and relish their holiday in beautiful surroundings with delicious traditional food. Moreover there are archaeological sites showing traces of the first European settlers. This is also a region where the famous Way of St James passes, offering the pilgrims a stunning scenery.

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