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Santander is one of the most northern points of Spain, with an astonishing seafront along the beautiful bay, reaching out into the water like an idyllic little island. Due to a huge fire in 1941, most of the city had to be rebuilt and is now quite modern with urbanized areas on the hills of the city. The many beaches along the bay are home to impressive residences, where even the former Kings of Spain spent their summers, for example in the Magdalena Palace. This area is perfect to go for a walk and enjoy the beaches, the nature, and the architecture. Several festivals and other cultural attractions make the city a lively and active place.

Region: Cantabria

Pilgrims of the Way of St James pass through Cantabria, an autonomous community Santander is the capital of. The area is called the ‘Green Spain’, due to its rather wet oceanic climate and the thereby created natural green zones. Cantabria has a lot more to offer than some nice beaches (actually a total number of about 60 beaches!), but also some mountain peaks surround the area, giving its visitors the opportunity to climb up to and view the beautiful coastline. Furthermore caves can be explored with paintings more than 20.000 years old.

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