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After Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is the third largest city of Spain – thus it has a lot to offer. It stands out with remarkable contrasts, still fitting together perfectly. Looking at the old part of the city for example, which is one of the largest historic city centres, there are a number of highlights one has to visit: The market hall, the Cathedral, the Torres de Serranos (Gothic city gateway), or the church of San Juan del Hospital, one of the oldest churches in Valencia. Contrary to this marvellous old part, there is the breathtaking City of Arts and Sciences, a complex of 5 buildings serving as a museum, a huge aquarium, an opera house, or a cinema. Extremely modern architecture by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela embellishes the city and offers much entertainment for tourists and locals.

With many universities, lots of leisure activities, several parks and of course many possibilities to try the delicious food of the area (i.e. Paella), Valencia is absolutely worth a visit and should be part of a holiday in Spain.

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