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Valladolid is the capital of the Castilla y Leon region and is a very monumental city, surrounded by a vast amount of castles and palaces. Thus it is a very charismatic and romantic area of Spain to visit, with a very traditional and authentic flair. The city is situated at the river Pisuerga and is home to many beautiful churches and an amazing Cathedral. In recent years the area of Valladolid established itself to one of the most important wine regions, amongst others being home to the famous Cordoníu wineries. For movie-interested people the Seminici, the International Film Week in Valladolid is an important date and can be combined with a tour around the beautiful region and scenery.

Region: Castilla y Leon

This region has spectacular landscapes and scenery, which is why it attracts many nature lovers, hikers, climbers, or just people who like to enjoy and relish their holiday in beautiful surroundings with delicious traditional food. Moreover there are archaeological sites showing traces of the first European settlers. This is also a region where the famous Way of St James passes, offering the pilgrims a stunning scenery.

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