Montserrat is a rock massif located 30 km from the center of Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bajo Llobregat and Bages. With a height at its highest peak of 1,236 meters above sea level.

On this mountain  the Benedictine monastery and sanctuary of Montserrat, is dedicated to the Lady of Montserrat.

In heraldic representations, Montserrat appears as a group of mountains of gold on a field of gules with a gold saw that cuts it above.

In 1987  was declared a natural park to guarantee its conservation.

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat has its historical origin in the hermitage of Santa Maria that Count Wifredo el Velloso donated to the monastery of Ripoll in 888.

In addition to the Benedictine monastery, the mountain has a prominent number of small churches and casts, some abandoned, such as Santa Cecilia, Sant Benet, Sant Joan or Sant Jeroni, which can be accessed, either walking or climbing.
In fact, Montserrat is one of the climbers’ passions in Catalonia.

Perfect for study groups, sporty groups, nature lovers and also for families, our incoming travel agency, ensures your stay in Montserrat to enjoy to the fullest.
Also the accommodation on the top of the mountain is assured by a hotel, hostels and fully equipped apartments in a historic building next to the monastery.

Sunrises and sunsets from Montserrat are almost magical, due to the beauty of their colors, viewpoints and landscapes, as well as the nights that for their clarity, show the sky so starry that it seems to be closer.



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